Texas Gun Experience Firearm Training Academy offers training courses that will help you learn proper techniques, firearm safety, improve upon your current skill sets, and increase proficiency comfortably and safely. From dangerous situations, shooting in a gun range, to proper gunownership, our formal gun training will help you be prepared for anything. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, firearm owner, or haven't shot a gun, Texas Gun Experience gives the option to rent firearms for our top-notch training sessions or range time.

Be the “Wrong” Person
One of the most important steps toward ensuring your personal safety is making the conscious decision not to be a victim. In-fact, you stand a much better chance of preventing a criminal attack if you develop a safety plan right now ... before you ever need it.
Join us in this seminar where we’ll discuss the tools that you need to develop a plan to protect yourself not just physically but also legally, financially, and morally.

Real estate agents face a high risk of violent encounters in the workplace, more so than many other professions.

Which is why the USCCA has developed a highly specific Mini-Class to address this reality.

Agents, use this opportunity to become better protected and prepared today!

Our Handgun classes offer formal firearm training for every skill set. Introduction to Handgun covers weapon manipulation, shooting mechanics and safety for beginners from our qualified handgun instructors.

Our carbine classes are perfect for those looking to become more knowledgeable, safe, and proficient with AR/AK type rifle platforms.

If you use a shotgun for personal protection in your home, hunting, or tactical shooting machines, our shotgun training classes will help you become a quicker and safer shooter.

Our License to Carry course is perfect for those interesting in and ready to conceal or open carry a firearm. With our approved training, you will be ready for the LTC qualification.

Unique training offerings that vary from your normal firearm classes.

The USCCA Protector Academy guides you, step by step, through lifesaving qualification courses that will help you master the lifesaving skills and knowledge every protector really needs.

Ladies only training gives you the opportunity to work with our instructors in a ladies only enviroment to build your skills as a gun owner.

One on One training gives you the opportunity to work with our instructors individually. After one-on-one classes, you will feel confident in your skills as a gun owner.

Training FAQ

Where can I find what classes you offer?

Easy, visit the training page or email

Do you have prerequisites for any of your classes?

Yes, some advanced classes will require that you have prior education. You should be able to see a list of prerequisites in the description of each class. If you have prior training before coming to us and would like to get into an advanced class or a maintenance program, simply email to discuss your skillset with our Training Manager.

Can you do custom training or corporate training?

Yes, we can customize your training. Whether it is onsite or at your facility, email us at

Do you offer LTC classes?

Yes, check out our training offering online or email

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for people who are passionate about the firearm industry. If you are looking for full-time, part-time, or trainer opportunities visit our Careers Page or send a cover letter and resume to

I’ve never shot a gun before, can you help?

We encourage everyone to feel comfortable when shooting. Let one of our range check-in personnel know when you arrive so we can have a range officer help you or check out our training offering online.

I am a private instructor; can I use your lanes to teach?

Yes, gain access to training others at our facility by emailing

I need a place to safely store my firearm, do you have firearm storage?

Yes, Texas Gun Experience offers rental lockers that abide by proper firearm storage practices.


Shoot at Texas Gun Experience faster by electronically signing our waiver before your arrival. No one wants to wait to shoot.

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