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Our gun shop and retail experience offers amazing products from hundreds of manufacturers. No matter your purpose or your budget, Texas Gun Experience has the firearm, knife, gun parts, shooting supplies and accessories you are looking for!

Why Shop With Us?

Large Inventory selection

  • With 7,000 sqft of retail space, you are sure to find your next purchase here
  • We carry the most popular handguns, long guns, and accessories on the market
  • Looking for something special? TGE has access to thousands of items that can be ordered to our store just for you
  • Helpful and Friendly Staff

  • Our staff strives to always be up to date on the newest and most popular products and ready to answer all questions you have about them
  • Not quite sure what to get? Our team will be more than happy to guide you to a purchase which works best for you and fills that gap in your collection
  • Try your gun Before you buy

  • Available for all handgun rentals up to .45 ACP
  • Available for all long gun rentals up to .308 Winchester
  • $25 gets you 10 rounds to test our your prospective purchase
  • Purchase with confidence knowing you have picked the right gun for your needs.
  • Our Services


    Our gunsmithing department is familiar with a myriad of firearm issues. Our prompt service and expertise will keep your arsenal ready at all times.

    nfa / Class 3 / Form 4

    Your one stop for all your Class III needs. We can guide you on how to buy a gun suppressor, required paperwork and even file your fingerprints.

    Cash for guns

    We have over 40 years of experience in buying used guns. One of our associates will evaluate your firearm and provide a fair offer on the spot.


    Texas Gun Experience offers expert-led training from which you'll be able to build a foundation for success and be ready when it counts the most.

    Selling Items From Top Brands

    IMPORTANT: Our online store does NOT show inventory at TEXAS GUN EXPERIENCE retail store.

    When you order online, it will typically take up to 10 business days for your order to arrive at Texas Gun Experience. You will be notified when your purchase is received, and which location your order can be picked up at. Please note pricing and availability does not match offers and availability in-store.


    Handguns are single-handed firearms that come in different styles, barrel lengths, capacities, and materials.


    Rifles are long firearms designed for accuracy in hunting, target shooting, and military purposes. They come in various sizes.


    Shotguns are versatile firearms used for hunting, clay shooting, and home defense. They come in different styles and their gauge determines the shell size they can handle.


    Ammunition comes in various shapes and sizes depending on the firearm. It's important to select the right ammo that has the right firepower and accuracy for hunting or target practice.


    Firearm parts are essential components that make up a gun, including the barrel, trigger assembly, magazine, and sight system.

    What to expect when you arrive at Texas Gun Experience Retail


    We are always looking for people who are passionate about the firearm industry. If you are looking for full-time, part-time, or trainer opportunities visit our Careers Page or send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

    You must present a valid government-issued ID and be at least 18 years of age to purchase rifle ammo or a rifle. You must be 21 years of age to purchase a handgun or handgun ammo.

    Yes, we handle FFL transfers for long guns, handguns and NFA items. For more information check our FFL Transfers page

    Children 10 and older must be accompanied by a parent to shoot. We will take younger children with experience on case by case basis. Any child under 10 will need to be evaluated to shoot. Simply email [email protected] to set up a time.

    Anyone can shoot at our range with a valid government-issued ID.

    Please refer to our Coming from Abroad page for more information and details about Foreign Nationals.

    We have state of the art 25 and 50-yard lanes.

    We allow any caliber between .17HMR – .458

    Please dress in appropriate attire for shooting keeping in mind there is hot brass ejected from all firearms.

    Members of Texas Gun Experience can reserve lanes. If you are hosting an event or party, we would love to help, email [email protected].

    Yes, cameras are allowed at the range to take photographs. Please maintain the privacy and safety of our guests. Ensure you are following all range rules while taking pictures.

    Eye and Ear protection is mandatory while on the range. If you do not have eye and ear protection, we will have them available for sale at range check in.

    You are welcome to use your own ammo in your personal firearms. Keep in mind no incendiary or tracer rounds are allowed. Also, only slugs are permitted in shotguns.

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