Classes and pricing

Intro to Handgun ($150)

This class is for anyone who has never shot a handgun before (or maybe just not in quite awhile) and wants to begin their education right. We begin with class time where we go over safety, range etiquette, grip, stance, sight picture & trigger pull. Then we finish the class on the range where we put these skills into motion. Safety gear, ammo & gun rentals are included, however if you already own a handgun you are welcome to bring it cased and unloaded.

License to Carry ($100 - $118)

this class certifies you to carry a handgun on your person in the State of Texas. This is NOT a beginner shooter course and Intro to Handgun or a one on one lesson with one of our trainers is a recommended prerequisite for this class if you have never shot before. In this lesson, we go over the laws surrounding your ability to carry on your person as well as a 50 round shooting proficiency.

If you would like a private lesson or have any questions please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help you.

The License to Carry Process in Texas

The procedure to obtain a license to carry a handgun in Texas can be confusing for many residents of the Lone Star State. At Texas Gun Experience, we like to make things simple so we created this reference page to help understands the steps to secure a LTC quickly. If you have specific questions or want to talk through the process contact us today.

Quick Steps for LTC

Take Classroom Portion

4 hr min - 6 hr max: This section covers things such as Texas law regarding firearms, safe storage & situational awareness.

Complete Shooting Proficiency

Average 1hr: 20 rounds at 3 yards, 20 rounds at 7 yards and 10 rounds at 15 yards.
Experienced Shooters - May take steps 1 & 2 on the same day at Texas Gun Experience
New Shooters - You can do step 1 and finish your proficiency at a later time.
It is NOT recommended that you attempt both class time and shooting in the same day if you are not already proficient with a firearm.

Complete Your DPS application

Submit Your Fingerprints

Fingerprints are submitted to the state via IdentoGo. (everyone must complete this step). IdentoGo Locations and times are usually set up during DPS application.

Submit your LTC 100 Document

This document is provided by your instructor and shows you completed your classroom time and your shooting proficiency.

If you completed your DPS application prior to taking an LTC class or shooting proficiency your form may still be valid. Contact us for any questions or to schedule your time.

Reasons you may be disqualified:

  • If you are a felon
  • If you are a fugitive from the law
  • If you are chemically dependent
  • If you have a psychiatric disorder
  • If you have class A or B misdemeanors
  • If you may have Child support debt

Texas Gun Experience employees cannot provide legal advice on Texas license to carry disqualifying factors.
Should you have questions on these disqualifiers it is recommended that you consult an attorney.

Processing Time:

The State of Texas has up to 8 weeks from the time they receive ALL DOCUMENTS to process your License to Carry. If it has been over 8 weeks, you can make an online inquiry by clicking here: and selecting “Returning User”.


Shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours or you can give us a call at 8172850664

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