Non-Member Experience

No Membership Required

We Are Open to the Public!

No membership is required to shoot and all walk-ins are welcome at Texas Gun Experience! Our range was built from the ground up to be a haven for all shooters. We want everyone who wants to use our facility, for shopping, training, shooting or gunsmithing, to do so.

If you are here a lot we feel you will get the best value out of a membership but we implore one and all to check out us and welcome to Texas Gun Experience! 

Planning to Shoot Today?

Tourists & Visitors

Coming From Abroad?

If you are coming to visit us from a foreign country or even a different state in the U.S. the laws regarding firearms can be confusing… but we know tourists, whether international or domestic travelers, want to experience shooting and we’re here to support you!

Can I shoot?

Yes you absolutely can! No matter where you are coming from you are always more than welcome to come and experience what our range has to offer! Just be sure to bring as passport with you, complete our safety waiver and we would be more than happy to get you on a lane.

Planning a trip?

If you are planning you trip and advance and already know a stop a Texas Gun Experience is in your future, let us help you with the rest! We can assist with:

  1. Choosing the most exhilarating guns to shoot
  2. Creating a custom shooting package
  3. Providing  insider knowledge of the best hotels, dining and amenities nearby.

Tell us about your trip and let us help you plan! We enjoy ensuring everyone will have a seamless and fun experience.


If the idea of unlimited shooting time excites you, becoming a member at Texas Gun Experience may be just the perfect fit. Member offers many benefits including but not limited to:

  • Unlimited Shooting
  • Online Lane Reservations
  • Member’s Only Hour Every Weekend
  • Free Guest Passes
  • Exclusive Member discounts on products and services
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