M134 Minigun

At Texas Gun Experience, seize the chance to create unforgettable memories. Unleash the adrenaline with the M134 Minigun – a six-barrel rotary machine gun boasting a Gatling-style rotating barrel and an insanely high rate of fire. Don’t hesitate! Experience the fast and furious thrill of firing the Minigun at Texas Gun Experience today!


The M134 Minigun has become one of the most iconic and fearsome weapons in the arsenal of the United States Military. With the ability to unleash an astonishing 4,000 rounds per minute, the Minigun has proven its value time and time again on the front lines of conflicts from Vietnam to present day. Whether being fired from an aircraft or mounted on a vehicle, this weapon has demonstrated its devastating power. Despite the incredible destruction it can deliver, the Minigun remains a symbol of American military prowess and ingenuity.
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