As a woman in today’s world, the need for security and solid knowledge base for personal protection is a necessity. Our mission is to provide the information and training needed to build your skills, confidence and the ability to protect yourself, while in a comfortable, fun environment.

This group is suited for everyone from beginner to the well-armed woman, covering the basics through defensive shooter tactics. Our classroom lectures will vary from basic marksmanship skills to burglar proofing your home, low light training, to how to be range ready.

About Us

Women are leading the charge for new gun ownership and those seeking training. The Lone Star Ladies Gun Club was created to meet the demands of our female shooters by offering: fun and unique training classes, access to exclusive events, club only access merchandise, and introduction to a growing network of female shooters and friends.

Group Classes are held on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 pm.

Join us every month as we cover a new topic of discussion. These topics are not offered in any other TGE curriculum and are tailored to you! Our instructors will cover new ways to carry, how to mentally prepare, firearm basics, advanced techniques and so much more!

Training Classes

Feel free to bring your personal firearm. If you do not have a firearm, we have plenty of rentals available to choose from free of charge! Hearing and eye protection will also be included if needed.

Lone Star Ladies: Group Classes Second Monday of Each Month at 5:30 pm

USCCA: Women’s Handgun and Self-Defense Fundamentals

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