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Go full auto and explore the world of fast paced, high powered machine guns! Choose a themed gun rental package or customize your own. Texas Gun Experience welcomes all shooting experience and skill levels!


You are in control. Pick from over 40 different models

Starting at $70 - Includes ammo

Experience the thrill of Shooting a fully automatic firearm. With pick and shoot, you can create your own experience with 1, 3 for 5+ machine guns. Whether magazine or belt-fed, first time or experienced shooter, we guarantee you will have a blast.

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Step into your own first-person shooter and become legend! Gear up with high-tech machine guns, step into our battlefield and find your call of duty! All machine guns include ammunition.

HK G36C - This space age weapon is the go-to battle rifle for many European countries.
FN M249 SAWThe squad automatic weapon gives accuracy through volume a new meaning.
HK MP5Used by Special forces and SWAT. Known for unfailing reliability and low recoil.
HK UMP 45Big brother to the MP5, the UMP sub-machine gun fires the hard hitting .45 ACP.
FN Scar 16Piston driven rifle used by special forces around the world.


The second war to end all wars was filled with firearms that revolutionized warfare as we know it. Step back in history and feel the wood, steel and grease that changed the world! All machine guns include ammunition.

M1919 Used on tanks, aircraft, and boats, this belt-fed machine gun has served for over 100 years.
BARThe Browning Automatic Rifle was the hard-hitting assault rifle used by U.S. troops
MP 40 This famous sub-machine gun developed in Germany and used extensively by the Axis powers during World War II.
MG42The devastating “Buzzsaw” can fire up to 1,500 rounds a minute and is the predecessor to most belt fed machine guns made today.
Grease GunMade famous for its simplistic look, the Grease Gun was reliable, easy to shoot and cheap to make.

Modern Military

War never changes, but the setting and firearms do. Fire machine guns used all around the world in current conflicts. All machine guns include ammunition.

M16 This famous American rifle has seen action for over 50 years. Lightweight, accurate and modular, this platform has been adopted all around the world.
AK47The most famous rifle ever made, the AK47 has been in use over 70 years with over 150 million produced.
FN M240Used by the militaries worldwide, the M240 is favorited for being powerfully accurate, and reliable.
CZ Bren – This Czech made assault rifle is quickly becoming favorited for its reliability and modularity.
HK G36  This space age weapon is the go-to battle rifle for many European countries


Engage stealth mode with this all suppressed machine gun package. It is a quiet riot! All machine guns include ammunition.  

HK MP5 SDThis whisper quiet weapon is used by Special forces and SWAT. Known for unfailing reliability and low recoil.
B&T APC9New to the market in 2019, this 9mm SMG is becoming a worldwide favorite.
SIG MPX SBRUsed by Law Enforcement and special forces around the world, with a cyclic rate of fire of 850 rounds per minute (RPM).
HK MP7 – Secret Service, special police and special forces favor the MP7 for its concealability, round lethality, and high rate of fire.
FN Scar 16 – Surefire suppressor equipped, piston driven rifle used by special forces around the world.


Experience the precision and firepower of the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) machine gun package.  

MK46/M249 SAW (Suppressed)The Navy special operations forces use the Mk46 CQB situations and at ranges out to 300 meters for fire suppression.

FN SCAR 17Experience the long-range accuracy, downrange power, exceptional reliability and match winning versatility of the FN SCAR 17.

HK 416 (Suppressed)A performance-optimised assault rifle, tailored to the tasks of the infantry, as well as the dedicated challenges of special forces of the military and police.

M4A1/MK18Throughout its history, these firearm variants have been staples of the USSOCOM.

HK MP7 (Suppressed)Compact and powerful SOCOM has used this firearm for mobility, boarding ships, climbing ladders, and clearing out tunnels.


Split the package with a friend or shoot them all yourself.
All packages start at $250.



Starting at $500 - Includes ammunition

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Rate of fire: Up to 3,000 Rpm

The M134 Minigun is a six-barrel rotary machine gun with a high, sustained rate of fire (3,000 rounds per minute) and used by U.S. Special Forces. It features a Gatling-style rotating barrel assembly with an external power source, normally an electric motor. The minigun's multi-barrel design helps prevent overheating, and serves other operating functions aiding to a sustained, high rate of fire.

Starting at $120 - Includes ammo

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Rate of Fire: 1,200 RPM

The Gatling gun is one of the best-known early rapid-fire spring loaded, and hand cranked weapons. It saw occasional use by the Union forces during the American Civil War in the 1860s. It was later used in numerous military conflicts, including the Boshin War, the Anglo-Zulu War, and the assault on San Juan Hill during the Spanish American War.


Hand Powered


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