We would like to introduce you to the newest pistol on the market, coming from one of the most trusted names in the industry. Introducing the Daniel Defense H9 which is sure to compete for a spot in your personal collection or a new addition to your duty belt.

Featuring the thinnest profile and lowest bore axis of any double-stack, striker fired firearm on the market, the Daniel H9 was designed and engineered to bring excellence and improved performance into the hands of any shooter.

The Daniel H9 seeks to be immediately familiar in the hands of new and seasoned shooters alike. It shares the grip angle, pointability and straight-pull trigger with the ubiquitous 1911 platform, but offers the modern features of the duty-minded striker fired handgun.

The Daniel H9 comes from the factory cut for the most popular red dot optics or steel sights dovetailed into the slide for those who prefer open sights. The firearm also features an ambidextrous slide stop and reversible magazine release for shooters of a left-handed persuasion,  and a picatinny rail so you can deck out your newest gun with all your favorite do-dads and gizmos. 

The Daniel H9 joins a very bloated market filled with other modern guns which have been performing the role it seeks to fill for years already. While there has never been a better time to be a shooter with the near limitless options available to a consumer today, the Daniel H9 will have to put forth a might effort to convince people to drop what they are already working with to move to a new platform. Let’s see how it compares with the most common duty firearm: the venerable Glock 19.

Right out of the gate, we expected the Daniel H9 to weigh more than the Glock 19 as H9 frame is made out of aluminum, but how much more? The answer may surprise you as the weight of the H9, with an unloaded magazine, comes in at only 29.6 oz, which is only 5.97 oz more than the Glock.

Unlike the Glock, however, the Daniel H9 ships from the factory with steel sights and features a black-out rear sight and a fiber optic front sight. When it comes to shooting iron sights, this is a near perfect combination and offers a much better sight picture than the standard Glock sights.

If iron sights aren’t your thing, and you would rather mount an optic, the Daniel H9 has you covered there as well since it will ship from the factory optics-ready and able to accept the most popular red dot optics.

From here you will notice that the Daniel seems to do much of the same as the Glock but in a sleeker form factor. They both come with 15 round magazines, they both have about the same width, 1.2″ for the Daniel H9, 1.34″ for the Glock 19, and they both have about the same height, 5.12″ and 5.04″ respectively. 

Where the Daniel H9 really begins to separate itself from the pack is the improved designed. In order to achieve the lowest bore axis possible, the H9 forgoes the traditional placement of the guide rod and recoil spring, and instead chooses to place it directly in front of the trigger guard. 

This feature, unique to the current market, changes how the gun moves during firing and how the shoot perceives the recoil of the gun. Because of the lower bore axis and redesigned location of the recoil spring and guide rod, more of the recoil energy is begin directed right back into the shooter hand, instead of above it, producing less muzzle rise and the ability to shoot faster and with greater accuracy.

Now I know what you are thinking! Wait haven’t I seen this done before? Well you would be correct. This concept has been done before, by the now defunct, Hudson. When it was released the design was very well received but early quality control issues plagued the company, financial issues started to mount and eventually guns sent back to Hudson for repair stopped being returned. Hudson declared bankruptcy in 2019 which left the innovative design with an uncertain future. 

Now, however the design has been improved to fit in a smaller footprint which allows greater use of the accessory rail and the design is backed by the legendary reputation and unquestioned reliability that comes with the Daniel Defense name, right here in the USA. 

We here at Texas Gun Experience are proud to be part of the announcement and original roll out of a pistol that is set to break the mold and change the duty pistol landscape forever. These are available now!

We have the Daniel Defense H9 in stock now but if you aren’t quite sold, we also have added one to our rental fleet where it is ready to change your mind forever, ushering in a new age of controllability, reliability and accuracy.

Whether you are looking to rent or add one to your collection, be sure to swing by Texas Gun Experience today!

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