handgun classes


Texas Gun Experience offers handgun classes for every skill set. From first-timers to advanced shooters, our firearm academy has the training options you need.


This class is for anyone who has never shot a handgun before (or maybe just not in quite awhile) and wants to begin their education right. We begin with class time where we go over safety, range etiquette, grip, stance, sight picture & trigger pull. Then we finish the class on the range where we put these skills into motion.

Safety gear, ammo & gun rentals are included.


This class we will cover the proper steps to safely draw from a holster. We will master the basic open carry draw and concealment draw in just 3 short hours.

After establishing range safety, proper grip, stance, and sight picture, we will provide instruction into the proper drawing and holstering of a firearm. We will also address the dangers and potential hazards of improper carrying and re-holstering. This is a live fire course.


Our Tactical Handgun class is for those mastering their skillset with scenario-based training, perfecting weapon manipulation with movement and shooting from barricades.

Training FAQ

Where can I find what classes you offer?

Do you have prerequisites for any of your classes?

Yes, some advanced classes will require that you have prior education. You should be able to see a list of prerequisites in the description of each class. If you have prior training before coming to us and would like to get into an advanced class or a maintenance program, simply email training@texasgunexperience.com to discuss your skillset with our Training Manager.

Can you do custom training or corporate training?

Yes, we can customize your training. Whether it is onsite or at your facility, email us at training@texasgunexperience.com

Do you offer LTC classes?

Yes, check out our training offering online or email training@texasgunexperience.com

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for people who are passionate about the firearm industry. If you are looking for full-time, part-time, or trainer opportunities send a cover letter and resume to info@texasgunexperience.com

I’ve never shot a gun before, can you help?

We encourage everyone to feel comfortable when shooting. Let one of our range check-in personnel know when you arrive so we can have a Range Safety Officer help you or check out our training offering online.

I am a private instructor; can I use your lanes to teach?

Yes, gain access to training others at our facility by emailing training@texasgunexperience.com