Full Auto Rentals

Take part in the best full auto, machine gun experience Texas has to offer. Choose your adventure from over 200 machine guns, dating back from 1877 and manufactured all around the world, available to rent now. Our range side service will setup, load and keep the action coming at your request.

Whether you are by yourself or with a party, machine gun videos and photos are available so you can share your Texas machine gun experience with your friends and family.

Full Auto Packages

Schedule your machine gun rental or ask us about a personalized custom package today.


Pick Any 1
$70 each
Pick Any 3
$60 each
Pick Any 5
$50 each
Additional Magazines or Belts
$20 each
Each rental includes one magazine or one 20 round linked belt

Specialty Machine Gun Rentals - Belt Fed

Colt "BULLDOG" Gatling Gun
$100 for 20 rounds, $80 for reload
M134 Minigun
$500 for 250 rounds, $350 for reload
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